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D. Oliver Herbel, Ph.D.  Herbel earned a doctorate in historical theology from Saint Louis University in 2007.  He is a chaplain in the North Dakota Air National Guard and pastor of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Fargo, ND.  Herbel’s publications explore Christian history and thought (with an emphasis on Eastern Christianity).  His primary area of research has been American Christian history and thought (especially Orthodox Christianity in America), with secondary areas of concentration n early Christianity (especially early Egyptian Christianity) and later Byzantine theology.  Though grounded in the historical method, recent interests have attracted him to the “theological” side of historical theology and current projects focus on virtue ethics and political theology.


Nicholas Denysenko, Ph.D.  Deacon Nicholas Denysenko is assistant professor of theological studies and director of the Huffington Ecumenical Institute at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He is assigned to St. Innocent parish in Tarzana, California (OCA-DOW).  He previously taught at The Catholic University of America, George Washington University, and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. He holds an MDiv from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, New York, and a PhD (2008) in liturgical studies and sacramental theology from Catholic University. He has published The Blessing of Waters and Epiphany: The Eastern Liturgical Tradition (Ashgate, 2012) as well as several articles and reviews in journals such as Studia Liturgica, Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, and Worship. His next book, Chrismation: A Primer for Catholics, is forthcoming with Liturgical Press in May 2014.


Adam DeVille, Ph.D.  Adam DeVille is associate professor and chairman of the Dept. of Theology-Philosophy at the University of Saint Francis, Ft. Wayne, IN; Editor of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies; author of Orthodoxy and the Roman Papacy; and editor of forthcoming volumes on the future of Orthodoxy in North America and of Orthodox-Muslim relations in both the antique and modern periods.


Brandon Gallaher, D.Phil. Brandon Gallaher is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford and for Spring 2014 is a Guest Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Notre Dame. Brandon specializes in systematic theology in Christian East and West and has published on such figures as Georges Florovsky, Vladimir Lossky, Sergii Bulgakov and Vladimir Solov’ev. His most recent research is on religious authority and the challenge of secularism. His doctoral dissertation is forthcoming from OUP as Freedom and Necessity in Modern Trinitarian Theology.

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      1. Mark Connolly

        Hi, your blog is excellent Father! I’ve followed the blog on that Widget too but are you on Twitter or Facebook? I would love to follow you there and share your great posts. It’s an awful shame if you aren’t as people are missing out. I feel the same way about the work of Dr DeVille but have been fortunate enough to share some talks of his from YouTube on my Facebook. Thank you

        1. Well, I’m not on Twitter. I had been on Facebook but deactivated the account in April. Perhaps I’ll start it up again, but for now it remains deactivated. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to post on this site for quite a while as it is.

  1. Father bless,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the English version of the website of Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, orthochristian.com (also pravoslavie.ru/English). In case you are not familiar with our site, we strive to keep our readers updated daily on important news concerning the Orthodox Church worldwide, Christian persecution, Christian social issues, etc, as well as to present beneficial spiritual writings, homilies, lives of the Saints, etc.

    We hope to share the Orthodox faith with as many as possible, and we are always looking for new ways to develop our site and to reach new readers. We also appreciate the effort of yours and so many other blogs that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With that in mind, we ask if you would kindly consider adding our site to your blog roll. If you could do this we would be very grateful, and we look forward to continuing to provide timely and soul-profiting works for those both in and outside of the Church.

    In Christ,

    Jesse Dominick

  2. John Raile

    Where exactly is your parish? Red River sounds like Texas, but not sure. Is that your temple in the web photo? Or is it a generic pic?

  3. Joe

    Dear Fr Oliver

    Im experiencing emotionally abusive clergy and can relate to your post on this topic who taunt me and put me down aki to a bully on email. Then I get silent treatment when I complain and get the silent treatment further when I complain to bishop who completely ignores and disregards my letters. Why does this happen?


    1. Joe, ultimately the abuse happens due to sinful decisions. I can’t speak to your specifics but it is tragic whenever it happens. I hope you find people close to where you live to help and support you. Be willing to seek that help outside of the Orthodox Church as well. [As an aside, I rarely do anything on this site anymore. I have debated taking it down or simply turning off comments. Other blogs and sites have seemed to have become better venues. I’m very limited on time these days.]

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