Orthodox Converts Book Review

I hope to get into the book Orthodox Constructions soon.  For now, though, I thought I’d share a recent review of Turning to Tradition.  If you haven’t yet read this book, give this review a read and consider doing so: Review_of_Turning_to_Tradition-libre

Minimum Reading List Post 2: Review Of Orthodox Constructions Of The West

For this reading list series I turn my attention to a book that all Orthodox should read.  Just as it should be required by Orthodox seminarians and clergy to be informed about Anselm (not the caricature of him too easily found in popular Orthodox writings), so this book should be required reading.  Frankly, it should…
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The Minimum Reading List, Post 1: Anselm Of Canterbury

Adam DeVille, one of our bloggers here at Red River Orthodoxy, maintains a most esteemed site devoted to books on Eastern Christianities called http://easternchristianbooks.blogspot.com/.  His site is a huge resource that should be thoroughly reviewed by anyone who is interested in Eastern Christianity and especially anyone who desires to write popular level writings, whether in…
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Clarifying Caricatures

It seems my last post has caused quite a stir, from some internet chatter pro and con to an active comment thread to at least one email thread wherein it became open season on me for a while. In light of all this, I find Fr. Stephen Freeman’s comments here on RRO to be the…
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Combatting Orthodox Caricatures Of Western Theology

A recent post by Fr. Stephen Freeman reminded me of just how common it is for we Orthodox to paint with a broad, reductionistic brush when it comes to the West.  He opened his post on “An Illegal Christmas” by saying: “The great advantage to thinking about God in legal terms, is that nothing has to change. If what…
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