Bad Timing, Bad Decision

As many may or may not yet be aware, the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America has made a recent move that speaks volumes in the current political climate and might suggest their pockets are much deeper than one had thought (and thus capable of handling lawsuits and legal fees). Metropolitan Joseph has appointed Bishop Demetri as an auxiliary (without using the word) to the diocese of Los Angeles.  For those who don’t know, Bp Demetri was convicted for doing things we’ve been hearing about on the news lately (grabbing a woman in a sexually assaulting manner—though she wasn’t his only victim). After the bishops retired him, Metropolitan Philip nearly reinstated him in 2009 (after the bishops were demoted, reduced from diocesan bishops to mere auxiliaries–which happened after a huge sum of money was sent to Antioch). So, with the bishops still demoted, Metropolitan Joseph can do this. Should he do it is another question all together.  I, for one, dare say not.  This is not a good message to send the women and girls of our church.

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    1. Even if you’re right, who could call it? The not-a-synod synod here in America? Nope. Another American jurisdiction? Nope. The Patriarch? Sure. Would he? Nope. Well, maybe if you have enough money, he would. So, do you have enough money to entice Damascus to tell Metropolitan Joseph not to do this?

        1. I will readily take that criticism. I actually wondered that myself after I wrote it, but I left it as is, as I have a “history” with that jurisdiction, and didn’t want to risk getting too ramped up.

      1. I’m extremely disappointed that a convicted sex criminal is allowed to be a bishop Your other charge is also pretty serious. Is it pretty well documented that this took place and that it was a quid-pro-quo (i.e., money in exchange for the demotion of bishops)?

        1. Ross, this was discussed online at the time. should still have sources up and there was another site or two. What can be documented is that the archdiocese went from having a metropolitan and auxiliaries to having a synod. In 2009, that was rescinded and they were “demoted” to auxiliaries. It was also shown that the money (I believe $2 million) went to Syria and after that, the demotion was finalized. There was no video or smoking gun of any discussion of a direct quid pro quo but it was clearly a strong circumstantial case. Money went over, Metropolitan Philip got his decision his way.

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