Forthcoming Book On Eastern Orthodox “Doctrine Of Scripture”

Those of you interested in Eastern Orthodoxy, the Bible, biblical scholarship, and/or how all these connect, may be interested to learn of a forthcoming book from Fortress Press, What is the Bible? The Patristic Doctrine of Scipture. As with all titles, there are shortcomings, and one should be careful not to conclude that this one book settles the matter definitively.  Nonetheless, I look forward to getting my own copy and hope others will as well.  I consider one of the editors, Seraphim Danckaert, a friend, and another (Matthew Baker) I had begun to get to know during the last couple years of his life.  This book is yet another reminder of how impoverished we are by his loss, but I hope readers will benefit from his chapter in this book.  In full disclosure, I should note that I wrote chapter two.