Morality Without God?

I return, finally, to my exchange with humanist Jon Lindgren, emeritus professor of economics for NDSU and former mayor of Fargo.  The delay was entirely my own fault.  These last several months have been hectic, so finding the time to put together a short essay even proved difficult.  Nonetheless, I have done so.  Here we each give our take on the matter.  I argue, of course, for a relationship between morality and faith and Jon Lindgren argues rather for a consensus approach, providing an ecological example.

Belief in God and Morality

Morals without God

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  1. Michael Ross

    Just watched this video and could not help but think that the Economics of (cheap) Energy has given us self over-confidence that we can find our own way w/o faith and traditional voluntary associations and the institutions God intended to meet everyday need (family, church, neighbors).

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