Atheist-Orthodox Dialogue Post 3

In this post, we continue our discussion of “origins,” turning now to the origin of the Bible.  I argue that there are many human authors behind the texts that make up the Bible and highlight the development of those texts into the Bible as we know it today, noting that the Bible is a product of the Christian Church: Origins of Bible  John also highlights that many authors are responsible but notes that given that authors were not always present at the events they depict and the exceptional quality of many of the events themselves, we should be skeptical that much weight should be given to such a collection of writings: Where did the Bible come from

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  1. Fr. James

    I note that Jon has little knowledge of scripture or how it is interpreted by the Church. He imposes the idea that it is designed for “controlling” the people by nefarious leaders. Yet isn’t that exactly what atheist secularist leaders do? Kim Jong Un comes to mind. Jon is not engaging in respectful and intelligent dialogue. He is simply parroting the usual line.

    1. Kind of have to agree with Fr. James. Fr. Oliver’s statement is “discussion starter” in the sense that he alludes to the difficulties and inconsistencies in Scripture. “This can be stipulated …………” Jon, on the other hand, exhibits a (rather predictable and frankly tiresome) post-rationalist scientism. Additionally, if I get him right here, it is chiefly the accounts of “supernatural” events that he hones in on. I’m not sure he is aware that there is a good deal more to the Bible than just Creation and Morality and Miracles. He is either ignorant of the substantial, compelling poetry or the very insightful (by most any standard of open-mindedness) Wisdom literature in the Bible. I have to suspect that he does NOT not believe in the God I believe in.

  2. Fr. James–What I know of Kim Jong Un is that he controls the population with his military. Those who wrote the Bible used unseen and unverifiable threat of hell and an unseen and unverifiable reward of heaven.

    1. I haven’t read it. With my long reading list, I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but I’ll take a closer look at the Amazon description and go it from there. Thank you.

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