Graduation From The Air Force’s Commissioned Officer’s Training

On Friday, June 28th, an Orthodox deacon (Fr. Michael) and an Orthodox priest (me) graduated from the Air Force’s Commissioned Officer’s Training at Maxwell AFB in Alabama.  Fr. Dn. Michael is a chaplain candidate, meaning he has yet to finish seminary.  Chaplain candidates have a unique program.  The only other Orthodox priest to be commissioned as a chaplain, who was the first (I was the second), Fr. Francis Rella, was there serving as a chaplain to the ROTC students.  It made for a few nice discussions before and after Sunday services.  I will need to attend chaplain’s school (for which I am not yet scheduled but should be in the relatively near future).

Our parish, with the hard work of Jason and Erik, have held lay services in my absence and we are all thankful for it.  Liturgy will be served at our normal time on Sunday, July 7th.

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  1. Erik

    Don’t forget Tony – his leading Choir on the occasion of Jason’s absence is also greatly appreciated!

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