Orthodox Easter And Church History

Sunday was Pascha (“Easter”) for Orthodox Christians across the globe.  For us, it meant the conclusion to a long Holy Week and a wonderful celebration of the resurrection of Christ in the very earliest hours of the morning.  I hope to upload some pictures in the future.

I also thought I would highlight some additional online resources for those of us interested in church history.  One blog I have recently encountered and found interesting is one written by a gentleman in Grand Forks, no less:


Although his interests concentrate on Baptists, it is still interesting and the Gilded Age is certainly a fascinating period of American history.  Nicholas Bjerring, the first convert priest to Orthodoxy (though later also the first convert priest to turn apostate from Orthodoxy) lived during this time.  Readers may track his story down in my article here:

“A Catholic, Presbyterian, and Orthodox Journey: The Changing Church Affiliation and Enduring Social Vision of Nicholas Bjerring,” Zeitschrift fur Neuere Theologiegeschichte/Journal for the History of Modern Theology 14, no. 1 (2007): 49-80.

Those interested in history more generally, especially of this region, should look into the Northern Great Plains Conferences.  I just learned of these.  Why is it that I, a Ph.D. in historical theology, only now learn of this?  These guys really need their own website.  Anyhow, here is the information on the last conference: