Brief Update On Bishop Matthias

For those of you who were unable to attend Liturgy this morning, please read the letters from Bishop Matthias and Metropolitan Tikhon on the diocese’s webpage:

Bishop Alexander has been appointed the Locum Tenens.  For now, there are no immediate plans to proceed with election procedures.  His Beatitude wishes to grant the diocese time to heal.  The synod voted overwhelmingly to tell Bishop Matthias to resign and after negotiating a severance package, Bishop Matthias did, indeed, agree to resign.  Now we move forward, hopefully a more peaceful diocese, and hopefully the kind of diocese in which the victim can feel at home, at some point in the future anyhow.

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  1. Thank you, Philippa. You’re right. For some reason, “overwhelming majority” became “unanimous” in my mind late at night. I do remember someone pointing out that one or two bishops supported Bishop Matthias’ insistence that he remain as the head of the diocese. I know of one for sure, a friend of his, and I do remember someone mentioning a second. I don’t actually have the tally, though. I just get the official letters and then some occasional correspondence, just like everyone else. I’ve made the correction in the piece itself. Thanks again for catching that.

  2. Philippa

    You are more than welcome and THANK YOU for making the correction. The other Bishop was +Nathaniel who felt “the double standard being applied” by the remainder of the Synod was wrong. Take care and a blessed remainder of Lent and Joyous Pascha to you and your parish.

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