Assorted Church History News

Today, while taking a break, I came across some very intriguing articles that I share with you all here.  I realize that is not why one comes to this site typically, but in this case, I hope you’ll excuse that and be willing to read these. I also must admit I found a couple of these from Facebook postings by a couple friends of mine.

The first discusses some archaeological finds in Iraq.  It also highlights the problem of the dwindling population of Christians, especially since the Iraq war:

The second is a fascinating piece discussing the Greek influence on Western chant and hymnography.  Not only is there influence within the Roman Catholic tradition but also Lutheran hymnography.  I hope choir directors and others read this and find it to be of interest.

This is a fascinating collection of Tsarist Russia on the eve of the war:

I hope to find the time to write up an actual post in the near future.

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