A Quick Trip To The ASCH Conference

Well, I returned from the American Society of Church History conference in New Orleans on Saturday, in time to celebrate Theophany.  The timing of the conference is not good for Orthodox, as it is either Theophany or Christmas, but it has traditionally been scheduled together with the American Historical Association, so the timing of the conference won’t change any time soon.  Anyhow, just wanted to say that it was an enjoyable time.  I met some people I hadn’t met before and a couple I knew only by way of email.  So, it was a good time.  The paper I gave on African American converts was condensed from two chapters in my forthcoming book from Oxford University Press.  I gave a paper during the very first session, so the audience was quite small but the questions were good.

For those who are wondering what the ASCH is all about, go to www.churchhistory.org