Church News At The International And Parish Level

This is just a quick post for the weekend to update our readers about some events locally and abroad.  At the international level, many of you may already know that Patriarch Ignatius IV, Patriarch of Antioch, recently died in a hospital in Beirut.  May his memory be eternal!

Locally, here at our parish, we had a wonderful St. Nicholas celebration.  Larry Carcoana has provided us with some pictures he took and so I share a couple of them here:  Both the chapel and the meeting room were full.  The pictures from the meeting room were taken late in the evening, so some people had already left, but they show that conversations lingered on.  Additionally, many conversations lingered on within the hallway/foyer area.  A special thank you to all the visitors from Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, ND, as well as from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fargo and Fargo-Moorhead more generally.  Your presence was both an honor and a joy!

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    Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria also died recently, as have a few Oriental Orthodox leaders of note (Coptic Pope Shenouda of Egypt, Abune Paulos of Ethiopia, and Armenian Patriarch Torkom of Jerusalem).

    I’m guessing you are serving in a Catholic chapel? Are you serving on their altar? What are the generally accepted rules about such things? I know Orthodox do not allow non-Orthodox clergy to serve on our altars though they may be allowed use of the sanctuary itself. Even if another church would allow us to use their altars, are there any rules regarding our use of them? Just curious.

    1. You are correct. I have been inconsistent on the news front. I just happened to catch this one. One is best going to Byzantine Texas for Orthodox news, I think. For our services, we are able to use a local Roman Catholic chapel. The main thing is always to make sure there is an antimins present, esp. for Liturgy. We do that, so all is well.

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