Online Video Message From Metropolitan Tikhon

In case anyone has missed it, our metropoltan, Metropolitan Tikhon, has released a pastoral message by way of an online video:

I would encourage people to listen.  It is not long, but the message is good.  One interesting point he raises is the issue of “medium,” since it is not usual for our bishops to deliver messages in this fashion.  His point concerning the “how” or the spiritual state, of messenger is very appropriate these days and a reminder that what we ought to be doing is neither running blindly with technology nor demonizing it, but rather using discernment, as we should in all things.  It is also a personal reminder to me to finish writing my book on Iconography and Ethics in our Information Age, a book that has been developing from my teaching of Computer Science 316, Ethics in the Information Age.  Indeed, it is time to return to that work soon.  A draft of the intro and first three chapters already exists.  Now, I need to get on with chapter four.

That said, the point of his message about bearing our burdens and how he sees his service (e.g. mission and vision) are welcome balanced approaches for a church that has seen enough ups and downs in the last several years to last a lifetime.