Fr. Michael Plekon And Re-evaluating How Orthodox Canonize Saints

It is no secret to those who have followed my online work over the years that the question of canonization has been important at times.  I have argued that it would be imprudent and unwise to canonize Bishop Arsenius of Winnipeg at this time.(here are some links along this line:  I have also expressed public doubt that there was ever a martyr-saint known as “Peter the Aleut” (allowing for the possibility that one of the Aleuts captured in battle might have been named Peter.  I received the most criticisms for this argument, but that comes with the territory of historical investigation.  You may find some discussions of that here:

I no longer run the personal blog “Frontier Orthodoxy,” so you’ll have to rely on Matthew’s posts on the SOCHA site, but he handled the whole situation quite well and with an even hand (at least from my vantage point).

While my interest has focused on history and the role historical investigation ought to play during the early discussions and considerations of the question, Fr. Michael Plekon’s work has taken a different approach.  He has written extensively on sanctity and how we define it.  He has emphasized lived spirituality over miracles (though I can tell you he most certainly believes in miracles).  I think his approach needs to be read and considered by Orthodox (and even non-Orthodox, but certainly by Orthodox).  Here are some of his thoughts on this matter: