What Will American Christianity Look Like In 30 Years?

The current tread toward non-affiliation is on the rise in America.  Not too long ago, I highlighted a blog post by Rev. Matt Marino, at his blog “the Gospel sdie,” which may be found here: http://thegospelside.wordpress.com/

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has recently run an article on the increase of “Nones,” citing recent Pew research findings:


If the trend toward “none” continues, there will continue to be an increase in “spiritual” people, people who believe there must be a God of some kind and/or some kind of after life, but who are not particularly grounded in any one religion.  The challenge, here, is clear.  I think one of the important anecdotes in the P-D article, is the reference to Dawkins.  If Christians want to win over some hearts and minds, they will need to continue to distribute their message and do so in ways that reach people enlightened enough to ask difficult questions.  Although I think turning to Dawkins is hardly a good philosophical page to turn, if one also ends there, it nonetheless shows that people are asking difficult questions and people are wrestling with the relationship between science and religion in important ways.