Notes On Continuation: The “Jesus’ Wife” Saga And Parish Studies

In this post, I’m combining two posts into one, both having “continuation” as a theme.  It’s simply easier than posting twice.  So, if you like one topic but not the other, I ask for your patience.

Although it seems quite likely, at this point, that the fragment is a forgery (see my previous posts to some good, scholarly assessments), the saga continues.  The hype had been so intense initially, that a documentary has been delayed and now Dr. Karen King has agreed to allow testing on the fragment.  If you’re interested in this topic, please continue to follow it here:

I’m impressed with the press this is getting and glad to see good, steady scholarship at work.

On another topic of continuation, we have the book The Orthodox Christian World, which I reviewed very briefly on this site and which we are now using in our adult education meetings on Wednesday evenings (first and third Wednesdays of he month @ Caribou Coffee).  Dr. Adam DeVille has offered a preliminary assessment here:

In full disclosure, I am mentioned (with overly kind words), but I highlight this book not to highlight my own chapter but rather because I think it will be of interest and enlightenment to us to follow Adam’s assessments as we choose and discuss chapters for our own edification and education.