Is Our Foreign Policy Ignorant Of Middle Eastern Christianity? A Look At Orthodox Christianity In Egypt

Today, I thought I’d draw attention to something I would bet most Americans do not consider.  Most Americans likely think of Islam if they happen to connect a religion to Egypt, but Christianity has been in Egypt since the Apostle Mark and continues to exist as a sizable minority (about 10% percent of the population) in the Coptic Orthodox Church.  This past week, on October 10th, Orthodox Christians in Egypt held a one-year anniversary march, marking a military crackdown that killed twenty-six people.  This is no small feat. On October 13, Jama’a al-Islamiya, a radical Muslim group said it may be willing to resort to violence in order to establish Shari’a law in Egypt.  Moreover, the Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt do not trust the new government:

Much has been made of the “Arab Spring,” but the costs may outweigh the benefits for Orthodox Christians in Egypt.