An Update On Diocesan Business

A couple of recent developments are worth noting and, I think, take precedence over a new post for the “American Orthodox Christianity Series 2.”

First, the Diocesan Assembly’s date has been moved in order to align with the upcoming OCA All American Council.  The AAC must be convened to elect a new metropolitan for our church:

Second, our bishop, Bishop Matthias, has been placed on administrative leave due to a recent allegation of sexual misconduct against him.  This act (administrative leave) is in full keeping with the OCA’s guidelines on these matters and implies neither guilt nor innocence.  His Grace has issued a letter to the diocese concerning this matter:

There is nothing I can add at this time that Fr. Ted has not already stated himself:

Please pray for everyone involved, asking that the Spirit guide the investigation into all truth, so that the situation may be handled pastorally and correctly.