U.S. Supports Christian-Killing Rebels In Syria

According to some sources on the ground, the U.S. is backing rebels in Syria and these same rebels are killing Christians.  Christians in Syria have tended to support (at least tacitly) the current regime.  This is largely a matter of survival, of course, as they really are caught between a landmine and hand grenade.  Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt have been dealing with difficult persecutions for some time as well.

One important factor in all of this may be that Orthodox Christians are not publicly considered by members of the “Religious Right” when one hears foreign policy discussed from people aligned with the “Religious Right.”  At least, I haven’t heard much that would warrant consideration.  I normally encounter views that put Christians (admittedly, nearly always Orthodox and Catholic, not Evangelical) on the ground at risk.  I hope I’m wrong, but that’s been my perception for some time.  Regardless, here’s the story concerning Syrian rebels and the persecutions of Christians: