Orthodox Church Preserved Through Duluth Flooding

The temple of the Greek Orthodox Church in Duluth, Minnesota was preserved from any serious damage in the recent flooding, despite high waters in the streets around it.  Here is Fr. Timothy’s description on his facebook page:

“Some of you have asked about the now famous picture of a dark blue car half swallowed up by a sink hole. YES, it is on 7th Avenue right next to our church. That road is completely destroyed, and yet our church only got a little bit of water in the basement. I’ve never seen anything like this; and I’m thankful.

Duluth and the immediate surrounding area has experienced a terrible rainstorm that has destroyed many roads, sidewalks, and homes. By God’s grace and care not even one person has been severely hurt. This is the miracle for which I give thanks!

To answer many questions from parishioners and friends far away, please know that our church is safe. Our basement has some water but nothing serious. We will be continuing with services and fellowship as scheduled. Our Pratchios Parish Center has escaped untouched. Glory to God for His mercy on us!

Please keep our city and all Duluthians in your prayers; and be good neighbors to the best of your ability!”