Inter-Faith Views On Religious Freedom On C-Span

In my last post, I mentioned that discussions concerning religious freedom were taking place across America right now.  There is one event I should have also mentioned, but forgot.  So, I wish to highlight it now.

Recently, an inter-faith conference on religious freedom was televised on C-Span.  Fr. Chad Hatfield, the Dean and CEO of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary ( gave a very nice talk as part of this (in session three, starting about 39 minutes in):

Although I have highlighted Fr. Chad’s speech here, I would recommend that we listen to each of the speakers and the Q and A session.  In America, it IS possible to have a robust religious freedom without descending into a situation wherein one religion dominates all others and disallows freedom.  Furthermore, I’d say, it is possible to have real, true religious freedom of religion and real,  true, freedom from religion.  It’s not an easy balance, to be sure, but protecting religious freedom as a fundamental legal right does not mean forcing religion upon those who are not religious (as recent, philosophically errant TV ads against Measure 3 imply).