Rebuilding An Orthodox Temple After Minot’s Flood In Light Of The Ascension

Yesterday, Thursday, May 24th, was Ascension on the Eastern Christian calendar.  When discussing this feast with my children last evening, I asked them if they recalled what Jesus’ final words before ascending were.  As the three of them thought if over, Macrina said, questioningly, “bye-bye?”

While we know that Jesus’ final recorded words, according to the Gospel of Matthew, are a reminder that he has all authority and that therefore his followers are to go out into the world and teach and baptize, which I did explain to the children after we all had a good chuckle, Macrina’s suggestion had some merit.  The idea that Jesus was polite to his followers makes sense.  The notion that Jesus would treat it as a parting of ways that would not last forever makes sense.  More importantly, the instinct that Jesus cares about the “nuts and bolts” of life makes sense.

After I explained what Jesus really said, Macrina’s response was “that’s security.”  I agree.  There is security in knowing that ultimately Jesus has all authority and that we are doing our best to fulfill his mandate because as long as that’s our goal, we always have him with us, over us, before us, behind us, and within us.

In the same vein, the St. Peter’s Orthodox Church in Minot, has made real progress in rebuilding.  I am pleased to inform the readers of this site that they have a contractor who will be doing a lot of work this summer.  I had meant to post on this earlier but a frequent reader of the site reminded me that I needed to say something by commenting on an old post.  Thank you “Seemab”!  In light of the Ascension, it is good to be reminded of the blessings that occur in the midst of the nuts and bolts of life, with Jesus as our security.