Priestly Advice

Monday we celebrated the memory of St. Alexis Toth, and I’ll post something on him in the near future.  For today, I’m going to give another cross-posting.  It’s perhaps not the best way to use a blog, but hopefully it can be excused.  A classmate of mine from seminary, Fr. Richard Rene, wrote a letter to a newly ordained priest that is worth reading not only by clergy, but I think laity as well.  We can all find ourselves in here somewhere:

I think those of us who are priests have either learned these lessons or had another priest forewarn us with similar words of advice.  Those of us in the laity can also learn from this, for it can help us discern whether we are entering into a situation that a newly minted priest might not see.  It can be helpful all around.  I believe it will also apply to non-Orthodox clergy as well.