An Orthodox Priest And An Atheist Mayor Walk Into A Bar

Well, OK, Jon Lindgren would much prefer “skeptic” to “atheist” but skeptic doesn’t make for as catchy of a title.  This past weekend, the Forum ran a nice piece on Jon Lindgren, the former mayor of Fargo, in which I was mentioned as well.  It’s worth reading:

Non-belief and outright atheism is a growing trend in America.  Jon is hardly alone and is joined by others every day.  Recently, a Methodist minister admitted that she is an atheist:

Although I do not agree with the atheist path in life, I do think it is important for Christians, especially Orthodox Christians, to remain in dialogue with such people.  We have a hope in Christ that is meant to be shared.

Those who are open to church history but are not yet Orthodox or not yet Christian at all, there is the Church History Series on this blog.  In the future, I hope to offer an additional series or two as resources for readers who may have other concerns.