Reading The Bible

It is common to hear Christians (Protestants, really) note “sola scripture,” or “scripture alone,” when discussing religious authority.  Of course, no one actually does that.  Sure, sit down a Jehovah’s Witness and a Baptist and it will seem that such is what they’re doing, but they’re not.  They each have their own traditions of biblical interpretation shaping their discussion.

For this reason, it is great to note that the Popular Patristic Series, published by St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, is now being integrated into Logos Research System’s biblical studies software.  This doesn’t mean people will be able to generate a “patristic” reading of any given text, but it does mean they will have recourse to some patristic uses of various texts and that can be helpful.  One can always hope that non-Orthodox Christians will pursue the idea of tradition further and consider biblical interpretation in light of it.  Of course, this new development also makes the Logos software more appealing to Orthodox.  You may read more here: