Christ Is Risen! An Upcoming Bright Week Lecture

Christ is risen!

As noted in the previous post, yesterday was Pascha for us Orthodox Christians, the day on which we celebrate the triumph of Life over death!

This makes this week “Bright Week,” and makes an upcoming paper of mine at NDSU’s Science and Religion Lunch Seminary on Tuesday all the more important.  You may see that listed here:

More information on the SRLS may be found here:

The working title of my paper is: “Neither Inherently Guilty Nor Secular: Eastern Christian Anthropology in Dialogue with Christian and Post-Christian West. ”  The title itself needs work, I admit.  To clarify, by noting that Orthodoxy is not “secular,” I do not imply that Orthodoxy is against all forms of separation of Church and State.  I do clarify in the paper that I am picking up on the term “secular” and “secular humanism” from its past polemical context, in which it is linked to atheism and materialistic evolution.  The “inherently guilty,” is a reference to the general Western conception of fallen humanity as guilty for Adam’s fall.  Eastern Christian anthropology overlaps with both in some ways while also being distinct in some ways.  This paper is a modest attempt to discuss some of this.  There may be no better time to discuss humanity’s calling from an Orthodox perspective than on Bright Week.  This is a public event and all are welcome to attend.