Books On Eastern Christianity

Sometimes people ask me about books on Orthodoxy, Eastern Christianity, or some aspect thereof.  For those of you interested in such things, I’d recommend the following:

St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press

SVSP was once the premier press when it came to producing academic works on Eastern Orthodoxy and although times have changed, with Orthodox scholars now utilizing university and non-Orthodox presses in order to engage the academy more widely, SVSP is still a good press producing good works.

Conciliar Press

Conciliar press publishes apologetics, Biblical reflections, historical reflections, and children’s books.  These are geared to a much more popular (but still informed) audience.

Baker Academic’s Eastern Orthodoxy Series

The authors in this series are good and I know two of them personally.  Dr. Peter Bouteneff’s book (Beginnings) on Creation and Genesis in the early Eastern Fathers of the Church is quite good.

University of Notre Dame Press

These books relate to Orthodox history and here, too, I happen to know a few of the authors and I can tell you that they do good work.  Although these are published through a university press, these books are accessible to anyone who is theologically informed.

There are other presses that I would recommend for those who wish to study Orthodoxy, I think the presses I’ve listed here provide good starting points for people, depending on their level of interest and theological education.