Photos Of The Flooding Of Minot’s Orthodox Christian Temple

Earlier this morning, I received some photos of the flooding of the temple of St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Church in Minot.  As you can see, the mold has begun to grow.  Also, the pictures cannot disclose the stench in the building itself.

You won’t get into the basement any time soon:

Stairwell Still Flooded

Here is a shot of some of the mold on the walls:

Mold on the Walls

Here is an idea of how high the water got:

High Water Marks

I remain in contact with Fr. Anastassy and although he and I concluded it is not the safest for our parishioners in Fargo to help gut the place, once the gutting is done and/or the time for rebuilding is at hand, we in Fargo will send down a team of people to help them over a weekend.

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  2. i am a the Ministry coordinator for St. Mary’s Greek in Minneapolis
    i just found this information about your church and the flooding problems as i was searching for some information about the orthodox community in Minot.
    We are working with IOCC habitat for humanity and are (loosely) considering bringing a team there to minot some time in june. But we were looking to see if there might be some Orthodox families that would like to help. Now i am concerned that you all might need the help. can you let me know what the status of the church is and is there someone who has a real need for some help. I must say i am just inquiring i have not spoken to anyone else so i am in no position to offer help, but i wold like to know the situation to bring it to the attention of the folks i am currently working with.
    Please let me know if there are any needs we here in minneapolis might be able to help with, i think we are really not aware of the real devastation that has happended to your community. My position here is ministry and if there is some needs maybe we can do a drive or something. I really want to let folks know about this. My husband is from Velva so i have been in Minot many times. I am a bit upset that i never looked into this sooner, but maybe now we can make more people aware of what is going on there, and with God’s help perhaps we can do something to bring some comfort to all of you.
    May you have a Blessed Lent and please contact me or feel free to call me at 612-825-nine-five-nine-five.
    In Christ

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