Our Orthodox Brethren In Minot

This is just a quick update to inform everyone that the Orthodox parish in Minot, ND, has begun taking stock of her situation.  The bad news is that the water went into the building, flooding not only the basement, but about 26 inches up on the main floor, high enough to get into the altar area.  They are currently assessing the situation.  I have been in touch with Fr. Anastassy.  When the gutting is complete, I hope that we at Holy Resurrection in Fargo will be able to help with the rebuilding stage.

The good news is that Fr. Anastassy’s personal belongings, which he had moved to the second story on the house he rented, are fine.  The liturgical items are fine as well.

May God comfort and strengthen all in Minot and the surrounding region who are rebuilding their lives!

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    1. I do know they’re holding services, not sure if it is in that particular space, but I did learn from Fr. Anastassy just a couple days ago that they had just signed a contract for the restoration of the temple. So, thanks be to God, things are moving in the right direction.

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