Senator Tim Mathern Visits About A Recent North Dakota State Resolution

This past Sunday (May 22nd), state Senator Tim Mathern visited our humble parish.  During his visit, he read from a letter from Tina Kaidanow, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of State to ND Secretary of State Al Jaeger.  The resolution passed by North Dakota’s legislature may be found here:


Senator Mathern worked hard and Rep. Andrew Maragos (Greek Orthodox representative from Minot, North Dakota) was also very helpful.  Here is the thank you letter I had sent the senators after their vote:

4014 Thank You

The passage in the senate had occurred after some debate.  Passage in the House was simply together with other resolutions that had no direct fiscal impact.

Here are two pictures from Sen. Mathern’s visit:

Sen. Mathern reading the letter
Fr. Oliver thanking Sen. Mathern

4 Responses

  1. Senator Tim Mathern

    I was happy to visit your parish and learn more about Orthodox Christianity. My goal is to be helpful whereever I can to support religious freedom and the holiness of family life. Senator Tim Mathern

  2. Kathy

    Seems the Senator doesn’t have a problem taking his politics to the pews but publicly disrespects the Bishop for leading in faithful citizenship because it doesn’t suit him.

    1. Actually, Kathy, I approached him concerning this legislation. So, it wasn’t so much him taking his politics to the pews but rather me asking if he’d be willing to help get this legislation passed. He worked across the aisle to do it. I haven’t kept up with the debate amongst Roman Catholics here in North Dakota. In general, if it’s just a matter of “issue positions,” any priest or bishop may (and should) say what the Church teaches. if it intends to endorse specific candidates, then that’s different.

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