Shutting Down

Please note that we haven’t actively posted on this site since last year. We are taking a sabbatical indefinitely. During this time, please do not expect comments to be approved and responded to. Should we start back up again, we will begin taking time for comments at that time.

Bad Timing, Bad Decision

As many may or may not yet be aware, the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America has made a recent move that speaks volumes in the current political climate and might suggest their pockets are much deeper than one had thought (and thus capable of handling lawsuits and legal fees). Metropolitan Joseph has appointed…
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Upcoming Fordham Conference On Orthodox/Catholic Encounters

Those interested in such things, and especially interested in how tradition, secularism, and fundamentalism are features of this, should check out the upcoming Patterson Triennial Conference at Fordham in June.

Apologizing—It Does A Body Good

Several years ago the dairy industry launched an ad campaign with the slogan: Milk, it does the body good. There are certainly health benefits to drinking a glass of milk, especially after a workout, and when we feel better physically, we often feel better and do better psychologically and spiritually as well. Doing ourselves well,…
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Reframing How We Think Of The Priesthood In The 21st Century

The priesthood . . . it’s a significant office whether one is Catholic (Eastern or Roman) or Orthodox (Eastern or Oriental).  Those ordained to the office are typically called “father,” referencing that they are to be, like St. Paul, a father in the Gospel to their parishes.  Yet, in too many churches, there are two…
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