Upcoming Fordham Conference On Orthodox/Catholic Encounters

Those interested in such things, and especially interested in how tradition, secularism, and fundamentalism are features of this, should check out the upcoming Patterson Triennial Conference at Fordham in June.

Apologizing—It Does A Body Good

Several years ago the dairy industry launched an ad campaign with the slogan: Milk, it does the body good. There are certainly health benefits to drinking a glass of milk, especially after a workout, and when we feel better physically, we often feel better and do better psychologically and spiritually as well. Doing ourselves well,…
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Reframing How We Think Of The Priesthood In The 21st Century

The priesthood . . . it’s a significant office whether one is Catholic (Eastern or Roman) or Orthodox (Eastern or Oriental).  Those ordained to the office are typically called “father,” referencing that they are to be, like St. Paul, a father in the Gospel to their parishes.  Yet, in too many churches, there are two…
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Christmas: An Honest Look At Its Origins

As we enter into December, approximately 2 billion people will prepare to celebrate Christmas, a holiday dedicated to the birth of Jesus. We will also enter into a time of internet debate over the origins of Christmas. Many will stake their claim on its alleged pagan roots, claiming that the story of Christmas and its…
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Forthcoming Book On Eastern Orthodox “Doctrine Of Scripture”

Those of you interested in Eastern Orthodoxy, the Bible, biblical scholarship, and/or how all these connect, may be interested to learn of a forthcoming book from Fortress Press, What is the Bible? The Patristic Doctrine of Scipture. As with all titles, there are shortcomings, and one should be careful not to conclude that this one…
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